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Global Techno Solutions has more than 12 years of experience in software development field and we are a leading solution provider too. We offer career final year projects for  students in latest technologies. We are expertise in domains namely Java, Dotnet, VLSI, HTML5, NS2, Embedded Systems and many more.


Our primary services include Web Application development, Debugging, Cloud services, Data mining, Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Security , Mobile Application development and many more.


GTS has conducted many workshops on latest technologies and developments. Here are some of them.
• Big Data Analytics
• High Performance Computing
• Digital Signal Processing


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Forensic-Cyber Criminals Exposed

  Digital India, a concept mooted by our Prime Minister, opens a vast trove of opportunities for the young IT brains.  It is challenging and fulfilling, unlike the day to day chores of programmed productivity.  The study below indicates the enormous risk in mooting a digital India, a country so vast, populated and vast majority […]

Networking :The Digital Strand

These days, the incumbency of Digital networking has a greater impact on our daily lives than ever before. Organizations are in dire need of intelligent networks that can be ubiquitous and should be able to support mobility while being secure, and able to handle mounds of data. Most corporate networks use a combination of wired […]

Cloud Computing – The Data Storm

Through the annals of history, Mankind has always explored different means to store information. Starting from Cave paintings to Papyrus scrolls then came the printing revolution and now information storage has been taken to new heights since the advent of the digital age. Cave paintings were merely used to store information for future generations, these […]