A CMOS Fish Spoilage Detector for IoT Applications of Fish Markets.(Trans Jan 2018)


To design a Quality measurement system to predict the spoilage of Fishes in the wholesale market for Exporting. .

Existing system:

Existing system:
In the existing system, proposes a novel CMOS-based fish spoilage detector for IoT applications in fish markets. The existing analog processing circuits were successfully applied to determine the freshness of swordfish. The proposed method is a low-cost and easy-to-use alternative for housewives or IoT devices for fish markets. On the basis of 0.35-µm 2P4M CMOS technology with device parameters such as a 3.3-V power supply, all the functions and performance levels of the proposed CMOS fish spoilage detector were successfully tested and validated through measurements.

Proposed system:

In the proposed System, MATLAB based image processing is involved, neural network is used here to analyze the data for better export quality maintenance. We also plan for a embedded based mechatronics setup in which the good quality fish and Bad quality fish is separated in a conveyor..