A Comparison of Stateless Position-based Packet Routing Algorithms for FANETs

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The main aim of this project is to attend recovery in unattended areas using FANET devices in limited time duration.

Proposed System:

We propose Multi-hop FANET environment to attend the disaster recovery in unattended places. We send FANET devices to the disaster spot and keep the area under surveillance. All the nodes under FANET will be communicated in a network using RF signals in an assigned bandwidth. It collects information about current situation prevailing in disaster spot. Some sensors will be embedded with the FANET device, temperature sensor to get the temperature of the spot where survivors are trapped, pollution sensor to monitor current CO2 level in the spot.

We need to know the number of victims as well as the hurdles which makes rescuers hard to enter into the spot. For this we embed a live streaming camera with FANET device so it can sense all these environmental related data with video stream and send to any nearby FANET device in its range. Finally the data get transmitted to the Control Station. By this Multi-hop FANET communication we can start the recovery process as soon as possible with suitable precautions.