A Distributed Position-Based Protocol for Emergency Messages Broadcasting In Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks

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The main aim of this project is to broadcast emergency messages to vehicles in advance in VANET environment and reduce traffic accidents.

Existing System:

In VANET environment various protocols have been proposed to broadcast emergency messages to vehicles so that traffic accidents can be decreased. However existing protocols suffer from one or more problems which minimize the effect of existing systems. Some system suffers from delivery latency which effectively delays the message broadcasting to right vehicles at right time. Also existing schemes can be classified into categories for example in probability-based schemes vehicle rebroadcast depends on a predefined probability.

Proposed System:

We are proposing a new position based protocol to broadcast emergency message in VANET environment. In this system messages are broadcasted only in their region of interest so that delivery latency will be decreased. In Proposed system if a vehicle in the environment detects a dangerous event, it immediately generates and broadcasts emergency message to vehicles in region of interest, so that the vehicles can take preventive measures to avoid accident. Emergency Messages will be broadcast to vehicles which are needed to take action to avoid accident.