A Domain Partition-Based Trust Model for Unreliable Clouds

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The main aim of the project is to achieve the task request of a user to various Data Centers based on their trust level.

Existing System:

In recent years most of the organizations are relying on Cloud Service Providers for storage, manipulation and deployment of huge tasks. So day by day the reliability of CSP is increasing. The Organization get access to CSP based on the trust level. Here the trust level may be changed by user or service provider. This false broadcasting of trust level results in misconception and leads to delay in deployment of tasks which brings bad name to the end user.

Proposed System:

We propose a Common Gateway which is going to assign the user the requirement based Datacenter to finish their desired task. Here we consider a Cloud Service Provider with multiple Data Centers in various domains. The trust level is based on the Server Load, No of Requests, and Bandwidth. When each task is getting finished in stipulated time then our system will update the trust level. The Common Gateway will maintain the number of active threads and inactive threads, when any desired DC is scheduled busy then our gateway will automatically refer to another DC in different domain. If that satisfies the user’s need then that particular DC in cross domain will be added to recommendation list. Here our system posses a cache system which keeps record of frequently accessed DCs. Thus our system enables the reliability of cloud services in limited duration utilizing resources of Cross Domains.