A New Robust Approach for Reversible Database Watermarking With Distortion Control

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The main aim of this project is to provide high security to database by using watermarking technique.

Proposed system:

We Proposed a Watermarking methodology to protect the information database, In order to protect the database, entire database will be encoded and we are going to apply watermarking technique. Database access will provided to the user only who reveal the watermark.

The Original database will be encoded i.e.(converted into 0’s & 1’s) , and for that encoded database we are going to apply watermark. Watermark mean hiding duplicate data to the original data so that the original information will be changed so if any other user want to read data he might get any false information. Watermarking will be applied based on the user or database owner fingerprint, The key point that collected from the user fingerprint will be encoded and from that encoded data the database will be watermarked.

If any other user want to read or change information in the database then without reveal watermarking the user was not able to get correct information , to get the exact information the used need to provide the reverse watermarking then only he can able to view the proper information.