Mobile Healthcare Emergency

A Secure and Privacy-Preserving Opportunistic Computing Framework for Mobile-Healthcare Emergency

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Medical field has grown tremendously with the help of latest technologies. And Wireless Body Sensor Network (WBSN) is one of the best network technologies used in medical industry. Healthcare professionals should maintain the up-to-date patient data in their database to review the patient’s health status and billing status.

Mobile healthcare acts as a great support because health care providers can access the patient’s data from pervasive environment through BSN. This enables improved the health monitoring process in medical industry.

This project is the secure and privacy preserving opportunistic computing framework designed specifically for Mobile healthcare emergency. The Personal Health Information (PHI) of a patient is accessed during mobile healthcare emergency in a secure and privacy manner. This is integrated through attribute based access control system. Secure scalar product protocol plays a vital role in providing privacy in patients’ data.

The data is transacted between two members in the form of binary vectors. Thus through the SPOC framework medical users can successfully access the PHI in secure manner during mobile healthcare emergency.

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