A Shoulder Surfing Resistant Graphical Authentication System (Apr-2018)


The main aim of this project is to propose the smart way to authenticate the user bank account through the pictorial password and by injecting the indirect pin to the system to predict the original password using temporary login indicator while login and to provide various banking features.

Proposed system:

The proposed works of the shoulder surfing resistance are:

The user are provided with the two optional authentication system for the user (one is the existing and another model is proposed by us).

Proposed model provide the user friendly and the interactive environment for the user.

The efficient and the innovative banking service provided for the authentication system

The forget password module is designed with an innovative idea. Based on idea of framing forget password questions on the users handheld device.

Blocking the user account if wrong password injected to the server frequently and intimate the user through Email and user’s alternative mobile number via SMS about current location of the mobile.