Aadhaar Based Biometric Attendance System Using Wireless Fingerprint Terminals.(Conf 2017)


The main stray of this project is to develop a biometric attendance system is designed and implemented for efficient real time monitoring as well as transparency in the management of student’s genuine attendance using GSM.

Proposed system:

In every educational institution, attendance for students is compulsory to obtain good knowledge of the lessons taught in the classrooms. In this paper, a different approach is proposed for biometric attendance system which uses a WFT. After the implementation of Aadhaar project, there is a growth in demand for biometrics in many application areas. As it provides an Unique Identity Number (UID) to every Indian citizen avoiding the procedure to present different documents corresponding to their identity for getting any government service. The UID would enable government to grant the benefits under various welfare programs such as PDS to reach the rightful person minimizing frauds. This system promotes the development of punctuality and discipline in the student thereby promoting the improvement in the quality of education acquired by them. And also helps the government in the distribution of scholarships, fee reimbursement and so on.