About Us

About the Company

Global Techno Solutions is a software development and Solution provider firm providing technology solutions to a diverse customer. GTS an organization committed to share knowledge and provide quality in its core competencies and in a way nurture talent for the future endeavors. We believe that we would be able to offer a great support for Customers through our time tested and mature processes and proven global delivery model.

Dedicated to the planning, design and development of world-class software products. We combine a proven business model with some of the industry’s top talent to provide our clients with the best services and products possible.

About the People

Team GTS always has one fundamental aspect clear in mind and it’s about change, information age has one thing to remain for sure i.e. change and GTS is a full-blooded info-age complaint organization. We have a competitive edge with which it would put its best foot forward in order to create a win situation for anybody who is associated with GTS one way or another.As a team we can prowess to have a clear vision and realize it too. As a statistical evaluation, the team GTS has more than Eleven Years of expertise in providing real-time solutions. We help customers to build robust, reliable, secure and user-friendly software products by providing quality offshore software testing services. Quality assurance is the sum of best practices a company uses to make software as well as it can be based on client specifications.