Accident and Alcohol Detection in Bluetooth enabled Smart Helmets for Motorbikes.(Conf 2018)


The main of this project is to develop an IoT based system to prevent people from drunken accidents occurred due to drunken drivers. This system is implemented by human to machine interface. .

Existing system:

Existing system:
In the existing system is find the people drink or not while driving by using smart helmet. Existing mechanisms that can detect if one is wearing the helmet, detect accidents, and detect whether the person has over-consumed alcohol. Accelerometer, smoke sensor, impact sensor is installed inside of helmet. Person wearing the helmet that only action will be taken otherwise no action will be taken .

Proposed system:

Proposed System: In the proposed system, prevent from drunken driver accident by human to machine interface. We can use accelerometer and RPM of the motor vehicle to measure the bike motion axis and speed. Accelerometer value is rapidly change at the constant time that find people drink and drive otherwise or not, that person while drink and drive it get the GPS location by the network based, so it can tracking the people under the tree or any building. No need for any GPS module and send to the Cloud for further action.