AdCapsule: Practical Confinement of Advertisements in Android Applications

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The main aim of this project is to propose an application that allows medical staff to quickly arrive at the scene of an accident with patients and staff using mobile devices to automatically alert a central server of their current locations.

Existing System:

Normally while installing any application we used to grant permission to the particular application to access all the privileges. So when the applications which we install in our smart-phones have some tie-up with any advertisement company. So that for the benefits of the app developer those ads will run in our app. Here in this case the advertisements can behave maliciously some times. This malicious behavior extracts personal information like user’s contact and files by using the permission access policy of particular app.

Proposed System:

We propose a third party Server to monitor the advertisement library, Here the User whenever install any new application the third party server will start checking the incoming adds. So before loading a new advertisement into the application our system will analyze the triggering components inside the ads and its behavior. If there is any chance of accessing the user details or files or contacts, thus an ad can get unauthorized access permissions from the hosted app. Our system is capable of detecting that kind of ads and restricts their access, then pop up the required access permission list to the user. Only when the user accepts those permission it will allow the ad to run inside the hosted app. Otherwise our system will block the malicious ads.