An Empirical Study on Engineering a Real-World Smart Ward Using Pervasive Technologies


The aim of our project to develop an assistive device for old age home monitoring system using pervasive technologies.

Existing system:

The existing system is deploying pervasive systems in a real-world environment is still very challenging today. This paper reports the lessons learned from engineering a pervasive healthcare system in a real-world smart ward. The major motivation of this research is to understand and to bridge the gap between an in-house pervasive healthcare system prototype and a long-running real-world system. To ensure the system functions align with the most urgent needs, we conducted a field survey in a complete nursing process to probe for the real needs. We found that bed, bathroom, social, and presence of caregivers are the most critical situations that the medical workers desire to know. By considering several practical issues, we designed furnishing and situation inference mechanisms. After that, we built and deployed a pervasive healthcare system with two applications. In the qualitative interview, the applications are proven helpful for the medical workers. This study should provide a descriptive basis for further research. There is a continuing need for new pervasive applications in the hospital. For example, monitoring the exhausted status of intravenous drip is desirable in the ward. Also, monitoring the medicine intake of patients is helpful for caring the patients..

Proposed system:

In the proposed system, we are going to implement this project as an old age home monitoring system. This is helpful to monitor the old age people without a third person interaction and also it is used to check the person’s body condition and to check whether they taken a food or not, they taken a medicine or not. If they failed to take a medicine or food, they will get intimated through voice. The persons heart rate will be continuously monitored, if their pulse gets abnormal the message will be passed to the doctor through a server..