An Overview of Internet of Things (IoT) and Data Analytics in Agriculture Benefits and Challenges

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The current agrarian crisis in the country is largely based on the debts accumulated by the farmers. This coupled with the reducing natural resources, limited availability of arable land; makes food security a major concern for most countries. The option to end this is long debated. As a result, the use of internet of things (IoT) and data analytics (DA) are employed to enhance the operational efficiency and productivity in the agriculture sector.

Existing System:

The farmers were using old technologies for a long time. The technology advancement were introduced in other related sectors like tractor, fertilizer manufacturing, water pumps etc. with all these the farmers were depended on failing weather, and mismatched market demand. Sometimes they did not get the right price for their produce because the large quantity of surplus reduced the market demand. The variable cost involved in the production could not be anticipated. Even though the data is available with us all the time in non digital manner, the farmers or authorities could not act on the data.

Proposed System:

A system is proposed for the early prediction of production cost of the corps the farmer is going to produce in their field. The proposed method is to combine the advanced IoT based data collection and utilizing the data for the cost prediction. An IoT device is setup with sensors and installed in the field. The IoT device automates the water pumping process based on the sensor input. The data is logged in a python based server for future use. The data collected will be processed and the cost of corps production with respect to electrical energy used for pumping water is predicted.