Identical Twins

Analysis of Facial Marks to Distinguish Between Identical Twins

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Basically, most of the people find difficult to distinguish the identical twins. This becomes a challenging task for many people because; high degree of correlation exists among the twin’s facial expression. So, this project acts as the solution to classify the difference between the identical twins.

Facial marks of the twins are used in the form of biometric signatures. Multiscale automatic facial mark detector is the primary instrument used in this project study. Fast Radial Symmetry Transform is calculated to distinguish the facial marks of the twins. This is calculated through MATLAB where gradient magnitude and gradient directions are found.

The gradient calculation for the image gives both the positive and negative values. This helps to detect the bright and dark radially symmetric regions of the face. By analysing the eye pixels through radial symmetric transform the proposed system is accomplished.

Both manual and automatic experiments are made in the proposed system. For more Matlab Projects, Click Here