Analysis of University Fitness Center Data Uncovers Interesting Patterns, Enables Prediction

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The main aim of this project is to predict Student’s interested area to enhance their career, to improve student services, discovers interesting trends and behavior, and serves.

Existing System:

It consists of future prediction of Students nature and academic performances so That the teachers can find the right methodology of handling and teaching those Students so that their academic performance will get improved. The Student Recreation Center (SRC) is among the most frequently visited campus facilities in the university. Entry to the SRC is monitored through the use of an official university ID card, the Cougar Card; users swipe the card upon entry. Data harvested from these card swipe activities are rich and can be used to gain valuable insights into campus life and exercise behaviors. However, little attention has been paid in the past to this potential. One of the broader goals of this is work is to demonstrate how to harness this potential via careful analysis and to spur additional studies on campus-focused knowledge discovery.

Proposed System:

First, the existing model can be further improved with more in-depth of Student nature and behavior Finally Our field of interest will be generated and based on that job notifications and suggestions will be made to enhance our future in a proper way This System also used in tracking of students illegal activities at the college campus and they can take necessary actions on the spot in order to secure his future. Our work is similar in spirit to a few existing applications that are built on knowledge discovered by collecting and analyzing activity (often secondarily-related) data. This application gathers real-time facility usage information at the Orlando Disney World and estimates waiting time so that tourists can plan their tours more efficiently.