Blockchain-based Decentralized Trust Management in Vehicular Networks

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This project we are going to Provide Trusted Update on Traffic Status so that we can minimize the traffic jam based on blockchain techniques

Existing System:

In Existing System it provide the service of transmitting the traffic updates between two or more vehicles and the drawback in that system is we can have a complete trust in that message based on that collected information user has to guess and take an action. This collected information may be correct or may not because there is no surety for this so we decided to take a future enhancement as to provide trust level for the transmitted information’s

Proposed System:

In this paper, we propose a trust level for the user who request for the traffic update and this will be more user friendly approach to users. This is done through analyzing all the possible updates from the users and then based on the collected information a calculation is done based on the majority of suggestions the final conclusion is sent to the traffic requested user and along with that the percentage calculation is also made out of hundred. So that it increases the trust level of the messages and provides a clear idea to the user.