Blockchain-Based Public Integrity Verification for Cloud Storage against Procrastinating Auditors

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The main aim of this project is to provide a reliable and secure cloud service and also increase trustworthiness of certifications by Continuous Auditing.

Existing System:

In cloud computing, remote data integrity checking is an important security problem. The client’s massive data is outside his control. The malicious cloud server may corrupt the client’s data in order to gain more benefits. However, cloud services are part of an ever changing environment, resulting from fast technology life cycles and inherent cloud computing (CC) characteristics, like on-demand provisioning and entangled supply chains. Hence, such long validity periods may put in doubt reliability of issued certifications. And also cloud service customers do not longer possess their data locally, assuring that their data is being correctly stored and integrity is maintained in cloud environments is of critical importance. Data integrity may be threatened by, for example, malicious insiders, data loss, technical failures, and by external attackers.

Proposed System:

In MultiCloud environment, remote data integrity checking is required to secure user’s data. User will upload file to Cloud. This file is split into blocks using Dynamic Block generation Algorithm and stored in a MultiCloud environment. File Allocation Table (FAT) File System has proper Indexing and Metadata’s for the different Chunks of the Cloud Storage. Here the auditor agrees to inspect logs, which are routinely created during monitoring operations by services providers to assess certification adherence. If Attacker corrupts data in MultiCloud, the continuous auditing process helps the verifier to perform Block level and File level checking for remote data Integrity Checking using Verifiable Data Integrity Checking Algorithm. Cloud provides random blocks to Verifier for Integrity Checking which is to protect user privacy from Verifier (Third Party). File recovery is done by the Verifier automatically if the data gets corrupted during checking. Users can complaint cloud for file recovery. And also we use blockchain for proposed system. We add all the details about auditing record in blockchain for security purpose.