Blockchain For Large-Scale Internet of Things Data Storage and Protection

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The main aim of this project is to provide security and Big IoT storage system to enable data market and it explains how the data market can be productively and cleverly achieved.

Existing System:

In the Existing system Cloud-based IoT requires more Storage demands in the cloud and it includes high level mathematical calculations. Meanwhile, there is a trust issues based on dependencies in the centralized server. The cloud server needs very high storage capacity to store the IoT data. The IoT data details are not recorded and maintained. Sensitive data can be easily leaked from the server.

Proposed System:

Here we propose a high secure strategy for IoT data storage and protection based on block chain. Mathematical calculations are done by small IoT devices and process the stored data are done by incorporating the Edge computing. Block chain overcomes the drawback of certificates cryptography by offering a platform for broadcasting the public key of a user.