Forensic-Cyber Criminals Exposed

  Digital India, a concept mooted by our Prime Minister, opens a vast trove of opportunities for the young IT brains.  It is challenging and fulfilling, unlike the day to day chores of programmed productivity.  The study below indicates the enormous risk in mooting a digital India, a country so vast, populated and vast majority […]

Networking :The Digital Strand

These days, the incumbency of Digital networking has a greater impact on our daily lives than ever before. Organizations are in dire need of intelligent networks that can be ubiquitous and should be able to support mobility while being secure, and able to handle mounds of data. Most corporate networks use a combination of wired […]

Cloud Computing – The Data Storm

Through the annals of history, Mankind has always explored different means to store information. Starting from Cave paintings to Papyrus scrolls then came the printing revolution and now information storage has been taken to new heights since the advent of the digital age. Cave paintings were merely used to store information for future generations, these […]

Data Mining – Dig in to the Core of Data Analytics

Decades ago, human behaviour was generally analyzed through the prism on ones own mental perspective. Though the power of human imagination has rendered us with numerous advances and inventions, Yet, not all of us may have the capacity to collate large sets of information regarding human behaviour into universally acceptable patterns without adding our own […]

Android – A Future of Infinite Possibilities

Since 2008 we have borne witness to a plethora of life-changing events but none has had the resounding impact as the introduction of the Android Phone. Remember the times when we needed our desktop or laptop to connect to a social media site or chat room in order to interact with friends and family or […]

IoT – Connecting your way of life

  Bridging the gap between ideas that invoke the core competencies of being counter-productive as well as a game-changer has often been met with skepticism. The Internet of things (IOT) has a similar perception, on one hand it does fulfill a criteria of users being virtually Omni-present by being able to virtually control basic house […]

Unravel the secrets of Big data

A prelude to big data can often be misinterpreted as only a collection of large data but it actually refers to the ease of access of large data that can be analyzed, captured, searched, shared, stored, transferred, visualized, queried, and updated instantaneously into results where one can base predictions or derive information and much more. […]


Survive And Excel In Life With IOS Projects

Today, with technology ruling the world, iOS projects would be a wise selection for a final year project as this is the most advanced mobile app at present that is easy to understand, robust and widely accepted. iOS is basically a software base which allows other apps to run on an iPad, iPod Touch or […]

Identical Twins

Analysis of Facial Marks to Distinguish Between Identical Twins

Basically, most of the people find difficult to distinguish the identical twins. This becomes a challenging task for many people because; high degree of correlation exists among the twin’s facial expression. So, this project acts as the solution to classify the difference between the identical twins. Facial marks of the twins are used in the […]