BVPSMS: A Batch Verification Protocol for End-to-End Secure SMS for Mobile Users

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The main goal of our paper is to transmit SMS from one user to multiple recipients simultaneously by an efficient Batch Verification Authentication and Key Agreement Protocol.

Proposed System:

We propose a secure and efficient batch verification based authentication and key agreement protocol (BVPSMS). Our system enables the transmission of an SMS to multiple recipients with mutual authentication between the sender Mobile Subscriber (MS) and Authentication Server (AS), and between each recipient MS and the AS. This protocol maintains message confidentiality and integrity using AES respectively during messages transmission over an insecure network.

When any mobile subscriber needs to send an emergency message to multiple recipients in one go, they need to send request to Authentication Server. The AS will check whether the list of recipients is authenticated or not. The AS will send multiple requests and fetch responses from the recipient’s in-order complete the assigned task. Our protocol is secure against Man-in-the-middle attack, SMS disclosure and SMS spoofing, etc.