Certificate less Provable Data Possession Scheme for Cloud-Based Smart Grid Data Management Systems

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The main aim of this project is to provide security to the cloud based smart grid users employing certificate less provable data possession method.

Proposed System:

Our proposed mechanism is the mobile cloud environment to avoid the data over-collection by the application. The idea is the application should only have the permission requirement based on hardware, and write some content in device storage. It should not contain the permission such as read user contacts, read the internal storage, read external storage, etc… But it can access the data through cloud storage. The cloud service providers deploy the pre-customized process for all authorized application to access the essential users’ datasets.

All data stored from various applications in device is exported to the mobile cloud storage in the encrypted form. The mobile cloud has the knowledge, whether to share the respective user data to the application which is requested. If the application is in need of the user data, the application should request the mobile cloud for user data. The mobile cloud validates the application data request based on its need and approve the data request if needed or decline if the request for the data is unnecessary for particular application.

Moreover the entire smart device storage data can be accessed through the cloud which can be configuring and accessing by respective users. The users enable to know the knowledge of every data collection from the various applications installed in their devices.