Connecting Intelligent Things in Smart Hospitals Using NB-IoT.(Journ June 2018)


The aim of this project is to develop signal based tracking system in smart Hospital using IoT and I-Beacon..

Existing system:

Existing system:
In the existing system, patient monitor and Navigation is importance for the person reach form source to destination most of navigation system GPS is implemented for tracking but this system cannot applicable for indoor application means the satellite gps data are not properly received in indoor building so the navigation in indoor building is highly not possible..

Proposed system:

Proposed System:In the proposed system, beacon based tracking system is implemented for indoor application. Beacon is a module which generates the signal is called Beacon .That signal is broadcasting to the entire surrounding place. So the master broadcasting the scanning signal for fined the nearby slave device. If any slave device is present in range the master track the slave based upon the RSSI value of the slave device. .