Crypt Cloud+: Secure and Expressive Data Access Control for Cloud Storage

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The main aim of this project is to provide integrity of an organization data which is in public cloud.

Existing System:

In existing system the CP-ABE may help us prevent security breach from outside attackers. But when an insider of the organization is suspected to commit the “crimes” related to the redistribution of decryption rights and the circulation of user information in plain format for illicit financial gains, how could we conclusively determine that the insider is guilty? Is it also possible for us to revoke the compromised access privileges? In addition to the above questions, we have one more which is related to key generation authority. A cloud user’s access credential (i.e., decryption key) is usually issued by a semi-trusted authority based on the attributes the user possesses. How could we guarantee that this particular authority will not (re-)distribute the generated access credentials to others.

Proposed System:

In this work, we have addressed the challenge of credential leakage in CP-ABE based cloud storage system by designing an accountable authority and revocable Crypt Cloud which supports white-box traceability and auditing (referred to as Crypt Cloud+). This is the first CP-ABE based cloud storage system that simultaneously supports white-box traceability, accountable authority, auditing and effective revocation. Specifically, Crypt Cloud+ allows us to trace and revoke malicious cloud users (leaking credentials). Our approach can be also used in the case where the users’ credentials are redistributed by the semi-trusted authority.