Data Mining – Dig in to the Core of Data Analytics

Decades ago, human behaviour was generally analyzed through the prism on ones own mental perspective. Though the power of human imagination has rendered us with numerous advances and inventions, Yet, not all of us may have the capacity to collate large sets of information regarding human behaviour into universally acceptable patterns without adding our own interpretation of human action . Through Data mining we can analyze Large data sets (which includes human behaviour analysis) through different universally acceptable or user defined perspectives to get results that can used as information to cut cost, increase revenue or both. Data mining software’s allows users to analyze data from many different dimensions or angles, categorize it, and summarize the relationships identified. These are done at a quick time frame and can collate innumerable sets of data.

Data mining analyzes Data Classes, Clusters, Associations and sequential patterns in large Data sets to give predictive results that can be further analyzed for future interpretations of Sales models and more using different data mining methods like Artificial neural network, Decision trees, Genetic algorithms, Nearest neighbor method and Rule induction . Data Mining is mostly used by companies with a strong consumer focus to analyze sales ,price and other external factors such as competition, demographics to compile a summarized list of a customers history. For Example, Walmart captures point-of-sale data from its thousand of stores in almost every continent to transmit data that would help suppliers provide merchandise that is in demand and for Walmart to provide discounts offers on products with the most customer value. Amazon warehouses huge terabytes of customer related data and use data mining software’s to provide customers with instant offers or promotions which is specific to their purchasing habits and interest. Investigative agencies use data mining to spot trends in areas that is most prone to criminal activities and to deploy personnel accordingly, and to also interrogate suspects based on a collection of details through data mining.

Career Scope:

To start with a Data miner would need strong skills on the following :

1. Strong SQL and database skill ( any database as Oracle, sybase or teradata)

2. Understand data warehousing concepts

3. Learn any ETL tool (e.g. Informatica)

  1. Learn any Reporting tool (e.g. SAP BO, microstrategy, crystal report, MSBI etc.)


Most Data miners can find lucrative jobs in various organization ranging from pharmaceutical, retail, food industry, government and more. Data miners roles include:

1.Database Developer,

  1. ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) Developer
  2.  Querying and Analysis (Reporting) Developer.
  3. And more