Design and Implementation of Advanced ARM7 Based Biometric security system using wireless communication


The main aim of this project, is to develop an IoT based monitoring security system implemented by using arduino. .

Existing system:

In the existing system Security plays major role in everywhere. In every sector automation security gives more security than manual security. Existing system Is provide standard security system. Fingerprint sensor is used in this project along with GSM module. Finger print sensor is biometric device and GSM is a wireless communication devices are interfaced with LPC2148 microcontroller. And all the process will be carried out by the microcontroller. But in this system some time some other person hack your finger print and password. .

Proposed system:

Proposed System:
In this proposed system is IoT based security monitoring system simply implemented by arduino. This project is used Bluetooth device and wifi, Bluetooth is connected to unique mobile device. IoT is used to collect data from the Arduino send to cloud. Cloud send verification symbol to the both mobile device and Arduino. Mobile device send symbol to Arduino via Bluetooth. Arduino processor compares the mobile symbol and cloud symbol. .