Design and Implementation of an Android Application for Smart Shopping

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The main aim of this project is to propose a user friendly location location-based real time shopping & IoT based advanced recommendation service for customers.

Existing System:

In the existing system users don’t have any suggestions about shopping area, they used to search manually and the will go to that place. Here the major drawback is what if the user need product is not there, and what if the product in that particular shop is very expensive than the same product which is available in another shopping markets. And also user doesn’t aware of the offers nearer to him. And if user goes to new place de doesn’t know where are the shopping malls which he needs to buy in that shop.

Proposed System:

Location of Everything (LoE) is promising method for improving IoT scenarios and applications. This research designed a smart shopping mall platform based on four components include location of everything component, data collection component, data filtering/analyzing component and data mining component. In addition, we developed a novel accurate localization scheme named “location orbital” that estimates the current location of mobile objects (users or everything). Finally, an implementation of the experiment in a store was conducted to examine performance evaluation of the location-based scheme.