Design of Smart Home Environment Monitoring System Based on Raspberry Pi


The aim of our project is Raspberry pi processor based improving smart home security using fingerprint sensor and image processing method.

Existing system:

In the existing system storing the video surveillance camera information to the storage device and alarm system goes on when motion is detected. The GSM based home security system is only alert message will be provided, this method using motion sensor to detect the any motion suddenly to alert message will be send to the authorized user. But don’t know the which person detected..

Proposed system:

In this proposed method fingerprint and face recognition based home security and also monitoring system using arm 11 processor. This project implement to all the home members fingerprint and face images are stored in database, So easily identify the authorized user or not in this system. And also sensors are used to monitor the home status. If any unknown person is detected to receive the unknown person image to the android application..