DL-Tags: DLT and Smart Tags for Decentralized, Privacy-Preserving, and Verifiable Supply Chain Management

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The main aim of this project is to provide evidences of products origin and its journey across the supply chain by preventing tag duplication and manipulation.

Existing System:

The TagItSmart (TIS) system is an IoT-based solution for supply chain management which issues product’s Smart Tags and supports sharing of product-related information between stakeholders involved in a product lifecycle using such tags. Smart Tags are typically provided in the form of dynamic QR codes printed with special ink. Dynamic QR codes change due to specific environmental conditions (e.g., temperature, humidity, light intensity), and are adequate for tracking of fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) and their surrounding conditions. However, by using the TIS infrastructure in a centralized setup, a product consumer has to implicitly trust the TIS platform as the Smart Tag creator, as well as other stakeholders in the supply chain, that they are providing authentic data about a product without tempering with its Smart Tag.

Proposed System:

Our proposed system uses the DL-Tags (distributed ledger technology) to offer a decentralized, privacy-preserving, and verifiable management of Smart Tags during a product’s lifecycle. The solution relies on IoT technologies(RFID,WSN,GPSetc.) for data collection, and stores product related data in the BigchainDB, which is a private decentralized data storage layer. DLT enables the maintenance of a global, append only, data structure by a set of mutually untrusted participants in a distributed environment .i.e, if a consumer wants to buy a product which is duplicated by a fradulant retailer by changing the data’s in the smart tags. In case if a distributed ledger technology is used change is detected and products with duplicated smart tags will not be sold regularly.