EABS: An Event-Aware Backpressure Scheduling Scheme for Emergency Internet of Things (Jan-2018)


The main aim of the project is to control the network congestion effectively and increase the network throughput in wireless sensor networks.

Proposed system:

In proposed system, we will implement Event Aware Backpressure Scheduling (EABS) scheme. Sensor senses the data from the environment and generates packets that transmit over the internet. If the emergency occurred, the emergency data will be sensed by sensor and generate packets. Each packet header contains emergency flag and deadline (time to live). Emergency Flag indicates emergency occurred or not and deadline indicate how long data will be available .Each sensor maintains a queue for data transmission. Source transmits a packets to the neighbor based on the backlog size. Source senses a emergency data, It generate emergency packets , set emergency flag true and provide a deadline time in emergency packet header. The packet inserts in source queue, Source give first priority to transmit the data. So it reduces the waiting delay. The source transmits emergency packet to the neighbor, that neighbor nearest to the destination. So it select the shortest path to reach the destination and reduce the transmit time.