Efficient Regular Language Search for Secure Cloud Storage

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The main aim of this project is to provide integrity of an organization data’s which is in public cloud and retrieving data’s in encrypted form and retrieving information.

Existing System:

In existing system the data’s which are uploaded by the server side are all Stored in the database with all formats in the regular language so that the security of data’s are very less and there is a possibility of information theft and information loss possibility is there, so in future only encrypted data’s alone should be stored in cloud.

Proposed System:

In this work, cloud storage of secured data’s of various fields and retrieving those data’s whenever necessary. All those data’s will be in different formats like text, image, video etc and all these will be encrypted and stored in database DFA search technique is used to read the data’s in the form of encrypted data and convert the data’s into regular language and display those information to authorized user whenever they need. In server side operations they can also manipulate all the data’s which they uploaded.