Enhanced design of visible light communication sensor for automotive applications Experimental demonstration of a 130 meters link.(Conf 2018)

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The main of this project is to develop the communication between user and the roadside traffic signal is established with the help of text to speech and the status of the traffic light signal and environment is monitored using IOT and Visible Light Communication. .

Existing system:

In the Existing System, the status of the traffic signal and environmental condition of the road side is difficult to identify by the driver .The road will be wet or dry based on the environmental condition so the car accident will occur .Traffic signal is monitored at the time only and traffic light will vary based on the time.

Proposed system:

In Proposed System, the status of the the signal and environmental condition is monitored with the help of lifi and wifi technology. The communication between roadside traffic signal and vehicle side is LIFI .The VLC emitter transmits the information by modulating the data onto the instantaneous power of the light. At the receiver side, the photo detector produces an electrical current proportional to the incident light, which is processed until the data signal is recovered. However, the incident light might contain not only the information but also different sources of parasitic light that will alter the data signal.