FlopCoin: A Cryptocurrency for Computation Offloading

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The main aim of this project is to propose an offloading user task in mobile cloudlet systems with support mobile services.

Proposed System:

In our proposed system a Computation offloading transfers processing outside of the mobile device like (Task Performer) User can create a new task to provide a cloudlet.And then cloudlet selecting the best available resource provider to determining the best execution plan for a service requests. The framework offers a distributed execution engine where tasks that require real time access to local resources are executed on the mobile devices, while the remaining processing is offloaded to a remote server.

The policy determines offloading or local execution actions based on the state of the mobile user to achieve the minimum cost. In a cloudlet system, we consider a particular mobile user which can be served by multiple mobile cloudlets. It is best dynamic offloading scheme the offloading decision maker selects the best execution plan and the most efficient resource provider based on our proposed system.