Fog Assisted – IoT Enabled Patient Health Monitoring in Smart Homes

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The main aim of our project is to perform event based triggering to process the patient’s real-time data at Fog Layer and then data got uploaded to cloud.

Existing System:

IoT based remote monitoring systems have been suggested by various researchers due to their high efficiency in delivering intensive time-sensitive information to the clients. In existing system the smart health IoT devices will keep observing the patients and send data to the cloud directly. This result in massive storage accumulation in cloud storage, processing the collected data is obviously a hard task to perform which results in computational overhead and delay in sending emergency alert.

Proposed System:

We propose a Fog layer when one or more Fog nodes get data from various IoT smart health devices from various regions or areas. This health related data get uploaded into corresponding Fog nodes. Each Fog node sends the patient’s health data to their respective Fog Layer. In Fog Layer edge level computing is performed based on the threshold values the health status of respective patient is analyzed. If the status is getting abnormal then the Fog layer sends the health data to the Cloud. Then the emergency message will be sent to Hospital Ambulance, Doctor and relatives based on the type of event triggered. Fog computing promotes high efficient output because maximum computation is done edge level which makes the cloud process as light weight.