Harnessing the Hybrid Cloud for Secure Big Image Data Service (Oct-2017)


To harness the hybrid cloud to provide secure big image data storage and share service for users.

Proposed system:

It is necessary to let the hybrid cloud provide an efficient image service while maintaining the privacy. Thus, the private cloud has to seek help to the public cloud which possesses abundant storage and computing resources. However, the public cloud is often not trusted. As a result, the image data to be transmitted to the public cloud need to be encrypted. Meanwhile, compressing these encrypted image data appropriately before transmission is essential to reduce the consumption of communication resources. On the other hand, it is highly expected that not all the data in an image are stored in the public cloud and a hand of data in an image, in which people are the most interested, can be placed in the private cloud for easy looking-up. Therefore, our aim is to propose an efficient secure image service framework for users through the hybrid cloud.