High-Voltage Transmission Line Inspection Robot.(Conf 2018)


The Main aim of this project is to develop a Web server based High voltage line detection and control system is implemented using IoT. .

Existing system:

Existing system:
In the existing system, robot based high voltage line inspection system was implement the cost of the installation is to high and the maintain cost also high it’s not suitable to the developed city , because the most of the city the power line are under the land hence the setup is entirely not used in the most of the cities.

Proposed system:

Proposed System: In the proposed system, IoT based high voltage line detection and monitoring system is implemented using WPT technology, here the two node are created for monitoring the high voltage line , the server and client the server is connect to the High voltage line ,when the power is turn off the high voltage capacitive voltage present across the line, hence the electrical shock may occur, so to avoid the electrical shock the neutral method is better for the high voltage line, when the high voltage is sensed by the WPT in the client node , it send the command to the server to neutral the line by the web server command..