Identity-Based Encryption with Cloud Revocation Authority and Its Applications


The main aim of this project is to propose a new revocable scheme with a cloud revocation authority (CRA) to provide efficient revocation mechanism for multi-server architectures.

Proposed system:

In our proposed revocable scheme contains three roles namely, a private key generator (PKG), a cloud revocation authority (CRA) and users. The PKG uses the master secret key to compute the identity key of the user. On the other hand, the CRA is responsible to produce the time update keys for all the non-revoked users by using the master key. An authentication scheme is a cryptographic mechanism to authenticate users over public networks. Before a user gains access to a server’s services, the user must be authenticated and authorized by the server. Here, we extend our revocable IBE scheme to construct a cloud-revocation authority aided authentication scheme with period limited privileges for managing a large number of various cloud services. A CRA with a master privilege key can manage the corresponding privilege to have access to some service server at various periods. A CRA is able to use its master privilege key to generate and send a period-limited privilege key to a user. A user with both the associated identity key and a period-limited privilege key is able to access the corresponding server.