Intelligent Range-Only Mapping and Navigation for Mobile Robots.(Trans March 2018)


The main aim of this project to develop a beacon based autonomous vehicle navigation and control system is implemented..

Existing system:

Existing system:
In the existing system, presently private company launched the cabs for the passenger carrying from one place to another place like pickup and drop. And lot of the criminal activity are happened during travel by the driver are other. So this the major issues in the present system.

Proposed system:

Proposed System:In the proposed system, beacon based navigation system is implemented for unmanned vehicle for passenger carrying. When the passenger requests the webpage it searing the nearby vehicle and sends the passenger location to the cab. And the vehicle automatically moves from the location to the passenger location based upon beacon signal. So the beacon is placed in public place for navigation purpose. So the vehicle detected the signal .it will traps the signal and the vehicle reaches to the passenger. .