Intelligent Safety Information Gathering System Using a Smart Black box. (Conf 2017)


The aim of our project to determine how to accident presents while driving on the road way using a computer vision based smart blockbox system.

Proposed system:

In this paper we propose an intelligent safety information gathering system using the widespread black box system. We add several additional functionalities to the existing ordinary blackbox system. The first functionality is analyzing and extracting the key information of the surrounding vehicles while driving. For this purpose we add the recognition engine which extracts the license plate number and GPS of the passing by vehicles. Secondly we add the communication engine to receive the information request from the server and upload the stored information. GPS engine is also added to record the time and driving route information, which are used to match the stored information with that requested. When the server broadcasts information of some specific time and place, our intelligent blackbox system receives that request message from the server, matches the time and place tag and then send the matching information to the server. We propose another thing when accident is occuring while driving that time accident vehicle to send the information to the server.