Internet of Things for Smart Railway Feasibility and Applications


The aim of our project is to detect the train arrive and departure automatically and alert the public. And also surveillance the train crossing area using IoT and Android..

Existing system:

In existing process have only automatic gate locking system on the side place of level crossing when the train is depart using button manually. The Indian Railways has long required a light and sound based warning system for the more than 35,000 level crossing (LC) gates which includes nearly 23,000 unmanned LC gates. These are quite accident prone with many fatalities taking place each year. The reason for this seems that an unmanned LC gates does not have any kind of signalling or alarm system for people who cross them, though there are warning signs and boards. Some automatic equipment was placed over these unmanned LCs in the past but most of them got stolen. Thus there is a need for Automatic Warning System, a pilfer-proof one at that, which can sustain at such locations.

Proposed system:

In the proposed system, IoT based Level crossing Monitoring system is implemented using Raspberry Pi, Here the IR sensor module is used to check the arrive rail for 10sec, if it’s sense and closed the train and activate to sense the PIR, If the human is try to cross the train , the buzzer is activate and alert the person. And the person stuck in railway track. It’ll send the capture image to server and android phone. For People rescue..