IOT based vehicle parking manager. (Conf 2017)


In this paper, we present an IoT based smart vehicle parking system, The proposed Smart Parking system consists of an on-site deployment of an IoT module that is used to monitor and signalize the state of availability of each single parking space.

Proposed system:

In this he smart parking system that we propose is implemented using a mobile application that is connected to the server. The system helps a user know the availability of parking spaces on a real time basis. Android mobile application is used to display of total parking slots int he parking lot, number of parking slots availabled, occupied parking slots and the reserved parking slots. To book the parking slot at that time your informations are encoding to the QR code. A QR code reader at the entry of parking system to identify the unique ID associated with the vehicle and do the corresponding transactions. This is the security of our parking system. Once you parking the vehicle in slot timer will be started to continuously checking the parking time. If time goes to exceeded alert message is going to the user mobile.