Lightweight Sharable and Traceable Secure Mobile Health System


The main aim of this project is develop a system with lightweight sharable and traceable secure mobile health system.

Proposed system:

In our proposed system we have to improve the more security and identify the traitor. First the patient needs to read the medical related values EHR i.e. Electronic Health Records. Patient having read the number of sensor values that’s mean (Bp sensor, sugar sensor, temp sensor, pulse sensor, humidity sensor). All the sensor values should be collected and aggregate to EHR. To mitigate security and privacy concerns about EHRs, a common solution is to provide end-to-end encryption by storing EHRs in encrypted form so that they remain private and secure, even if the cloud is not trusted or compromised. The encrypted EHRs, however, must be amenable to sharing and access control. Attribute based encryption (ABE) is an effective mechanism to provide fine-grained access control on encrypted data, in which secret keys of users and cipher texts are dependent upon attributes. In cipher text-policy ABE, which we will adopt, an access policy is associated with a cipher text and a user’s secret key is associated with a set of attributes. The cipher text can be decrypted only if the set of attributes associated with the user’s secret key satisfies the policy. In addition to fine-grained access control, effective keyword search over encrypted EHRs is an extremely useful feature in practice.

The high value of EHRs might motivate certain rogue healthcare staff, called traitors, to sell their secret keys for financial gains. Hence, it is imperative that the identity of a key owner who maliciously sells his/her secret key in the black market be traceable in mHealth systems. Furthermore, a mHealth system should be able to block the particular healthcare staff.