Matlab Projects in Chennai

Matlab Projects

MATLAB Projects

MATLAB is a high level language that is used for technical computing. The term MATLAB refers to matrix laboratory. This language consists of features such as functions, control flow statements, input/output and OOP concept(Object oriented programming). It reduces the time consumed for programming and makes the work quick. It is used to create large and complex programs.

The working environment of Matlab helps to develop,manage and debug the M-Files and various applications. Students can implement their matlab projects through graphics system, application programming interface or through computational algorithms and functions such as matrix inverse, eigenvalues, Bessel functions, and fast Fourier transforms. We do matlab projects in vaious types of applications like image and video processing, signal processing and communications, financial calculations and biological computations, etc. It is faster than spreadsheet and programming languages such as C,C++. Know More

Available MATLAB projects

Matlab Projects In Chennai – Features

  • Implementation of Fingerprint Recognition
  • Lane Tracking And Autonomous Cruise Control For Automatic Highway
  • License Plate Character Segmentation Algorithm based on Vertical Projection
  • Light Tracking System Using Machine Vision Technique
  • Modeling Realistic Contrast Maps from MRI Images for Microwave Breast Cancer Detection
  • Multiple Size Region of Interest in Disparity Mapping for Stereo Vision Application
  • New Data Hiding Algorithm using Encrypted secret message
  • Phase Retrieval for Hard X-ray Imaging Based on a Parallel Genetic Algorithm
  • Prediction of Coal Ash based on Image Recognition and BPNN
  • Recognition of Bolt and Nut using ANN
  • Segmentation of Human Retinal Images for Sight Threatening Diseases
  • Structuring and Imaging for Road Sites in Urban Traffic Accident
  • The Numerical Conversion Algorithm of Cardiac Electrophysiology Image
  • Transform Domain Progressive Image Decoding
  • Desaturation of Digital Camera Images using Chroma correlation
  • Face Recognition using Gabor Filters and Local Binary Patterns
  • Constanr-brightness-plane based Histogram Equalization for Color Images
  • Image Contrast Enhancement using Histogram specification
  • Human Iris Localization using modified Ellipse fitting