MEDIBOX — IoT enabled patient assisting device.(Conf 2018)


The aim of this project is to develop a Wireless Wearable Sensor based patient Monitoring was implemented for monitoring the people to intake tablet periodically .

Existing system:

Existing system:
In the existing system, Pettier based medicine cooling system is implemented. It consumes more power for operating and the battery weight is increase and there is no compact size. It’s not easy to carry the med box system.

Proposed system:

Proposed System: In the proposed system, IoT and wireless sensor network based seizures monitoring system is implemented for baby. If the baby is infected by any virus fever or fever seizures may occur due to heavy temperature, so it’ll create big problem to the baby health. In our system continuously monitoring the temperature, if it’s suddenly changed and send the command to the med box and the med box analysis’ the details and book the appointment from the child doctor..