MobiGoal: Flexible Achievement of Personal Goals For Mobile Users (Apr-2018)

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The aim of this project is to achieve the user personal Goal rather than merely performing Individual task by using mobile application.

Proposed system:

In this Paper we develop a Framework as MobiGoal to achieve the user goal dynamically based on user preference. This Framework will run automatically once the user request as product. While request to any product user need to provide all the necessary detail and preference related to the product. Once the user Request registered in the client server then the client server will perform all the task automatically. Client server will process step by step automatically without any user interaction.

First Process Would be that client agent will check the corresponding web service for the user first request is available is the server is available client server will check the corresponding product into the server if the server is not available at that particular time the client server will check the other user available in the sever if any user are at online then the request will forward to that particular user and wait for any response. If the product is not available then client server will switch to the user next preference and continue the same process unless user goal is achieved the process will continues until the user goal is achieved.