Model-Driven Development Patterns for Mobile Services in Cloud of Things (Sep – 2018)


The aim of this project is to facilitate mobile end user to customize their mobile application which requirements based on model driven pattern and the cloud of things.

Proposed system:

In the proposed system, Generating the Micro App without using any IDE’s(i.e. eclipse, Android studio, etc..) based on our development model pattern, we need to develop the Application UI and functionalities based on the requirements of the user triggered though Web Services, by using the available services in Smart Phone(i.e. Android Platform) . Services are classified by type of action or device sensor (e.g., Camera, Mic, GPS) in the service catalog.

By using those services the Mobile End-Users can able to generate their MicroApp based on their CoT pattern. The users can customize services for their own MicroApp, and then name the Micro-App and configure the same. The combination of the services are validated and checked for its feasibility and dependencies are added for the MicroApp. The key store password will sent to your registered mobile number. Keystore password will be used to sign your (.apk file). The MicroApp will be generated based on your requirements in server side using Ant build and after your successive login; user can generate Qrcode to access the Microapp from your Android device.