Networking :The Digital Strand

These days, the incumbency of Digital networking has a greater impact on our daily lives than ever before. Organizations are in dire need of intelligent networks that can be ubiquitous and should be able to support mobility while being secure, and able to handle mounds of data. Most corporate networks use a combination of wired and wireless devices to exchange data over a secure network. Board meetings and conferences can be from anyplace and anytime due to video networks, access of company data can be done remotely in a secure environment using stringent security protocols and more. On a personal level, the social media has left us with an continuous operative interconnected network . The revolutionary development of smart phones has fueled the requirement for networks to adhere to a vast range of consumer requirements be it to increase video traffic, increase bandwidth, use new technologies and more such scenarios as these connected devices has helped increase productivity and and keeps us connected around the clock.

The increasing complexity of new technologies has always found solutions to present vulnerabilities. It is pivotal for developers to be able to build technology that addresses the current needs and can accommodate future technology. Expanding the wireless bandwidth network horizon or using new wireless technology like Ambient Backscatterring(using existing radio frequency than generating new ones) can leapfrog unmanned transport technology either in aviation, Shipping, trains and cars. Imagine using the popular drone technology in commercial flights or ships , Though the technology is available developers are still working on implementing the logistics of applying high speed wireless network for long distance travel. Google , HP and other big firms have started to invest heavily on research for Quantum Computing technology which can easily become the next stage of computing and stands to deliver performance at unimaginable speed and capacity. Researchers are also looking at improving pivotal hardware infrastructure like using Diamond semi-conductors in place of the current use of Silicon. The diamonds semiconductor can be more cost effective and is far more efficient at displacing heat and a better conductor of electrons.

Most experts believe that in the next couple of years almost every Human being would be connected to a network. The internet known as the “network of networks” has created a platform where personal and enterprise communication can now seamlessly integrate with disruptive technologies without diminishing the core essence of simplifying inter-personal communication. Networking whether modem or wireless, IoT, Cloud Computing and remote sensors have in some way interlinked us to other human beings, things and even animals, Yet many doomsday Soothsayers believe that this mass interlinking of vital information is the may leave us prone to some unknown vulnerabilities. Be it for better or worse we may have to find out together being a part of “the Digital Strand”.

Career Scope:

Unlike other computing Jobs, Networking involves a wider spectrum of talents from network administrators to network engineers ,Data entry and more. Network Jobs is set to rise in the future and have prospects for a bright and lucrative Future:

Some of the Jobs Related to Networking are:

  • System administrator

  • Network Engineer

  • Technical Support

  • IT administrator

  • Network administrator

  • Security Database development and administration

  • Network Analyst

  • Information Systems Administrator

  • Network Technician