NIC A Robust Background Extraction Algorithm for Foreground Detection in Dynamic Scenes.(July 2017)


The mainstay of the project is to Monitoring the road condition which is based on the measurement of traffic density using real time video processing technique.

Proposed system:

In proposed system is the automatic information updating process. Our system will detect vehicles through video frames instead of using any other Mechanism. A camera will be installed alongside the road. It will capture video sequences of traffic condition on road. This technique will analyses the videos from cameras and count the number of vehicles for each direction and also import to the controller. Then the controller estimates a period of time needed by each path to open and each traffic light to turn on or off based on the number of vehicles in a fixed sequence. It will also be used to monitor the traffic conditions. When the count is reached threshold level, then this information is conveyed to server and the server send the data to person by mail using IoT. So, this automation process used to maintain the roads easily without human interaction.