P4QS: A Peer to Peer Privacy Preserving Query Service for Location-Based Mobile Applications (Preprint-2017)


The main aim of this project is to develop a application that would used to protect the user privacy in Location based service System.

Proposed system:

Our System would be user to protect the user privacy , as accessing location based service system without revel the user individual identity to location server. So that the location server may not know the user whom requesting the server for accessing the location service so, that the user privacy would be protected.

User privacy can be protected by using P2P network i.e. (Peer –to- Peer) Architecture. Peer to Peer would be added advantage as the individual identity of any user may not be revel to any third party server that user to protect the user privacy as each node communicate with each other but they need not to known to each other as group of mobile user in the particular locality form the group and generate the group id all the request will be hit from any centralize medium from the group the centralized medium would be change dynamically based in the user request if any one centralize medium is chosen then the intruder may easily attack the medium and harm all the user in the particular locality. Any request to the location based service will be hit via centralized medium , so there is less chance for location based server to identify the user who request for location service.