Personalized Search over Encrypted Data with Efficient And Secure Updates in Mobile Clouds

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The main aim of this project is to preserve the outsourced data in cloud through gateway encryption, and to implement personalized search over the encrypted data in a secure way by NLP process without downloading and decrypting the entire group member file contents.

Proposed system:

In Proposed system, PSU (personalized search) scheme with efficient and secure updates we introduced an efficient and reliable methodology for search over encrypted data. Here the encrypted keyword search pre computes the resulting search documents for the input query from users through Natural language processing Technique which is implemented on gateway (client side) on user file upload. Hence the matching documents which is pre compute the before searching the encrypted cloud contents are retrieved from cloud. Here we does not pull all the encrypted data’s from cloud for searching, which is time consuming and ineffective. The matching documents memory locations on mobile storage are retrieved from the serializable objects which is stored in the gateway. User can download the resulting documents after getting the keys from the group owner. Asymmetric kind of encryption for key re-encryption and is more secured.

User can upload the files in public and private mode. If user uploads files in public mode, the file is to encoded using Base64 algorithm. If user uploads in private mode the file content is encrypted using RSA algorithm and then can give access control for each group user. PSU proceeds in seven phases, System Setup, Building Encrypted Database, Trapdoor Generation, Search, Auditing, Decryption and, Efficient and Secure Updating.User search in cloud using keywords, cloud can send the related files to respective user. If data user wants to read the contents of files, data user should request to cloud and then cloud will request to data owner. Data owner checks the user attributes and access control, then the owner forward the private key and data’s in secure manner.